Embedded Apps

Core Maximiser OS functionality, delivering Advanced Business Communication solutions... Find out more
Voice Processing
Integrated with Maximiser OS to provide voicemail, auto attendant, IVR and so much more... Find out more
Vision Reports
Browser based historical reporting app with in-built Toll Fraud Detection... Find out more
Vision Record
Browser based call recording app, fully integrated with Vision Reports... Find out more
Vision Live
Browser based wallboards and dashboards delivering real-time business information... Find out more
Call Centre
Advanced inbound call centre app for increased business productivity whatever the size or requirement... Find out more
Voice Conferencing
SpliceCom’s Voice Conference Manager Portal makes the creation and control of meet-me-conferences easy... Find out more
Industry standard and proprietary interfaces that allow you to integrate existing and bespoke apps... Find out more
Call Forwarding
Comprehensive call forwarding facilities for mobile, remote and home working... Find out more