What’s inside a SpliceCom Phone System?......Everything.

This is how we provide you the features and capabilities that you want, when you want them, at the lowest possible cost. (See Cost of Ownership).

By designing the core operating system (Maximiser OS) to support embedded applications from the outset, SpliceCom can fulfill your operational requirements without the major disruption and uncertainty caused by bolt-on upgrades to legacy technology. The Maximiser OS supports legacy, current and future Apps, as integral components of the core OS.

So no matter how your business develops over time, there are no bottlenecks, high cost upgrades or user retraining issues to overcome. We simply switch on the features you need, as and when you require them.

And because future Apps are developed as an extension of the currently embedded software, their support is automatically provided in any subsequent software releases, so you know, if you need them, they will work for you*.

SpliceCom core solution components include;

Operating System:
Maximiser OS, designed to deliver todays and tomorrows capabilities to current and legacy customer environments, while enabling the future for you (See IP PBX).
Maximiser OS resides on SpliceCom hardware and on industry standard (Linux, Linux/Windows & Mac) Operating Systems, in standalone and virtualised environments, in both single site and uniquely, fully harmonious multi-site, deployments. (See Deployments).
Embedded Apps:
The comprehensive modular suite of Apps offer all traditional telephony capabilities and additionally all modern and leading edge capabilities such as remote working, Smartphone/Tablet integration, call recording, real-time and historical management reporting, through to sophisticated Call Centre solutions.
Unified Communications:
The striking PCS family of business desk phones includes keyless touch-screen phones, context sensitive colour screen phones and entry-level IP business phones. Integrated IP Softphone support is provided for Windows & Apple Mac computers alongside Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, allowing you to “emulate” your desk-phone wherever you are.

Unified Control allows you to handle your phone calls in the way that works best for you. This includes the ability to utilise the apps that are core to your business – including Microsoft Outlook, IBM/Lotus Notes and all the popular CRM solutions – web browsers and dedicated Phone Partner and Operator Console apps for true PC desktop control.
SpliceCom is unique not only in providing traditional on-premise designed solutions, and Cloud/Hosted based solutions but the most secure combination of both physical deployments (Hybrid). Furthermore SpliceCom is unique in supplying these by traditional purchase, lease/rental and a form of PAYG enabling total flexibility in financial deployment as well as physical deployment.

All SpliceCom solutions are delivered, installed and maintained by the SpliceCom Community - a group of highly trained, experienced organisations who offer complementary skill sets and services to suit your needs. These organisations are further supported by SpliceCom professionals to define, design and support your installation throughout its lifetime.

We hope you found this summary helpful. We would encourage you to explore the various “Solution” pages but if you cannot find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you
Barry Edwards
Managing Director/CEO