Beaulieu Gets Motoring With SpliceCom

Beaulieu National Motor Museum houses a collection of over 250 cars and motorcycles telling the story of motoring in the UK from its birth to the present day. The collection is housed in multiple buildings set in the grounds of the stately home of Lord Montagu in the New Forest. The museum, home and grounds attract over 400,000 visitors per annum.

The Beaulieu collection is spread across multiple buildings and the existing telephone system relied exclusively on copper cables to carry calls between locations, some of which were beginning to deteriorate. Beaulieu needed to invest in a system which would be capable of reaching every part of the estate, using a combination of the existing copper cabling, fibre optic cabling which was supporting their data network, and wireless connectivity to reach remote areas and temporary exhibition locations. They also wanted to improve on the routing and reporting of calls in order to better serve their customers. Their existing call logger was a standalone device, which had to be programmed separately to the phone system. As a result it had become out of sync and the reports were of little value.

It was immediately obvious to SpliceCom partner, M12 Solutions, that the British vendor's voice platforms were the perfect fit for Beaulieu. Their unique architecture seamlessly supports both analogue and IP handsets, giving Beaulieu the flexibility to support handsets over existing copper and via their fibre optic based data network as appropriate.

M12 Solutions installed a SpliceCom 5100 hard PBX solution supporting a combination of nearly 200 IP and analogue handsets, plus wireless connection modules. SpliceCom's Navigate desktop client app was deployed to provide easy access to advanced features for analogue phone users, and the addition of Vision Reports delivers in depth historical reporting and analysis.

If any of the existing copper degrades further, a switch to IP handsets using fibre will be possible with SpliceCom's universal licencing ensuring maximum return on investment. The integrated Vision business management system ensures that call reporting always reflects the current configuration and thus provides real value. Navigate desktop client software offers easy access to system features and personal settings for analogue phone users, ensuring everyone benefits from the new features and functions on offer.

Every area of the estate is now fully supported by the new telephone system, all users get full access to all the features and functions and the IT team have great visibility of how the solution is performing.

"The SpliceCom solution gives us a much more reliable phone system, free from the worries of cable degradation. And now that we are with M12 for support they can dial in and address any issues we may have remotely, greatly improving our support response times," stated Emma Varty, Beaulieu's ICT Co-ordinator.

"It was clear from the outset that there was a good cultural fit between M12 Solutions and Beaulieu. Their team didn't know what the solution was, but were able to articulate their problems and expectations, which enabled us to address their requirements and meet all of their expectations, with the help of SpliceCom," concluded Steve Walker, Sales and Marketing Manager for M12 Solutions.