Splicecom Financial Services

As Britain's Leading Developer of Voice Platforms we are committed to helping our customers avail themselves of the most comprehensive, efficiency increasing, truly unifying communications systems available, to help you take your business to where you know you can, knowing that your communications will not hold you back.

To this end, Splicecom Ltd, established a wholly owned subsidiary company, Splicecom Financial Services (SFS), in 2011, to provide our customers with the ability to gain access to Splicecom's award winning communication systems quickly and simply, gaining the productivity and operational benefits that come with them to help you build your business through the coming years. These take the form of 3 or 5 year lease rental options (OPEX) or a monthly pay-as-you-go flexible licence programme - in addition to the traditional outright purchase of your system (OPEX).


Q. Is there an option to purchase at the end or during the term of the lease?
A. Yes. Splicecom Financial Services (SFS) will charge a change of ownership fee of 20% of the closing lease value.

Q. What tax benefits can my company claim against the rental payments?
A. Those normally associated with a Lease, which has the option to purchase the products, continue to lease the products or return the products.

Q. Is there VAT on the payments?
A. Yes, there is VAT on the rental payments.

Q. Can equipment be added to the same Lease contract during the term?
A. Yes. SFS can quote for a same duration lease or an amortised lease to finish at upon the completion of the Primary Lease period of the underlying lease.

Q. Can the Lease be transferred to the new incumbents of this office if my company moves to new premises?
A. Yes. SFS can offer an early termination settlement to you and a “lease continuation offer for the new incumbents

Q. What happens at the end of the term if my company wants to continue using the equipment?
A. There is an automatic Secondary Lease continuation, which offers a reduced rate on a monthly rolling basis for as long as required.

Q. What happens at the end of the term if my company does not want to continue using the equipment?
A.The equipment has to be returned to the Reseller within 30 days of the termination of the Lease.

Q. Can I downgrade/reduce the system size during the term?
A. Not within the Primary Lease period. If a downgrade is required at initiation of the Secondary Period the lease rate can be reduced at that time. Alternatively the customer may prefer to move all or part of the system onto FLP.

Q. How much do we have to pay upfront?
A. For a 3 year term 1 month in advance and 35 subsequent payments. For a 5-year term 3 months in advance and 57 subsequent payments.

Q. Who am I making a contractual agreement with?
A. The agreement is with the reseller and Splicecom Financial Services.

Q. Is there a discounted figure for early settlement?
A. One can be calculated upon request.

Q. What is the minimum term?
A. The agreement is for a minimum 90 days.

Q. What is the maximum term? ?
A. There is no maximum term.

Q. Is there VAT on the payments?
A. Yes, there is VAT on the rental payments.

Q. What products are covered in the Flexible Licence Programme (FLP) offer?
A. All Splicecom software licences.

Q. Can I decrease as well as increase the number of licences?
A. Yes, there is total flexibility. Licences can be terminated on a 90-day notice basis and increases can be implemented instantly.

Q. Is there a Master and Sub Agreement, as is the case with the Lease agreement?
A. Yes.

Q. Are there the same tax benefits for the end customer as the Leasing agreement?
A.This will be determined by your tax advisor.

Q. Will a new form need to be signed for each amendment to FLP?
A. Yes, although we are looking into electronic methods.

Q. Is there any upfront payment required at the beginning of the FLP agreement?
A. The first month payment is due with order.

Q. Is there an Exit Fee associated with the FLP agreement?
A. Yes, a £50 administration charge is payable on termination of contract.

Q. Can I blend Lease and FLP on one document?
A. No, each item will be included within the relevant Lease document.

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