Reviewing the Conversation Journey

Reviewing the Conversation Journey

Vision Media Manager delivers a set of management reports, providing analysis of current and historic conversation journeys. Underpinning reports is an application that has been field proven across all types and size of businesses. Database management is at the core of this solution with GDPR control and audit path.

The flexibility of Vision Media Manager allows it to be delivered as either a cloud service, or on premise application, or deployed as a virtual service in a customer’s location of choice.

Vision Media Manager Reports can be generated as a scheduled service, delivered to the Manager/Team Leader as an email. Each report type can have its own scheduled and reporting coverage periods. For those needing ‘now’ information reports can be generated as required. Typically, this will be when particular patterns seen on the Live wallboards require immediate analysis of ‘historic’ data.

Message Media Response

A breakdown of response times for incoming messages summarised by month. Options include; summary reports based upon chosen day periods showing Month – Week – Day – Hour reporting. Reports include drill down options where available for further detail.

Initial Response

Report upon each Front inbox hourly with message volumes and response times for first reply timings.

User Activity

Message counts for user(s), displayed per media type.
Conversation Tags, whether applied as conversation identification, or assigned as SLA indications, offer invaluable reporting metrics. Conversation Tag reports include:

  • Conversation Tags per Teammate by Inbox
  • Conversation by Inbox
  • Conversation Tags by Teammate