Blending Intelligence With The Flexible Edge

SpliceCom announce the immediate availability of their all-new Intelligent Gateway Module family, the ideal choice for connecting legacy devices and services to S716 and S8000 soft/virtual voice platforms and expansion for 5108 and 5100 hard IP PBXs.

Developed in-house to guarantee system interoperability, the three variants provide connectivity to legacy PBXs, Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN and DPNSS services, analogue phones, door entry systems, PDQs, fax machines and modems. A small slimline low-profile design combined with LAN connectivity allows these modules to be placed exactly where they're needed, greatly reducing cabling requirements, when, for example, the ISDN termination is nowhere near the computer room.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows individual Intelligent Gateway Modules to be driven through PoE enabled LAN switches or mid-span/in-line PSUs. Where higher densities are required, the Intelligent Gateway Module Rack for 19" cabinets is just 1u high and can be used to mount up to four modules and the optional Intelligent Gateway Module PSU.

"Because our new Intelligent Gateway Modules have been specifically developed as a core system component, they can be deployed with SpliceCom Select cloud and hybrid services, in addition to providing legacy connectivity for our on-premise voice platforms," states Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at SpliceCom.

"It's this intelligent approach to system design that allows SpliceCom customers' to continue to maximise their existing investments in the products and services that traditionally get overlooked or cast aside in the transition to cloud based infrastructures," continued Hayman. "Analogue Phones, legacy PBXs with no IP capability, PDQ machines, door entry systems, fax machines; all can access the myriad advantages of SIP trunks and cloud or hybrid solutions via our Intelligent Gateway Modules. This enables migration to new voice architectures in a totally controlled manner, as and when business needs and budgets allow."

But the intelligence doesn't stop there. Designed in resilience delivers peace-of-mind, by placing a big tick in the disaster recovery and business continuity boxes. Deployment over IP networks utilising existing PoE infrastructures allows the Intelligent Gateway Modules to automatically failover and fallback to alternate cloud or on-premise/hybrid voice platforms should connections to their primary location be disrupted.

Intelligent Gateway Modules even provide analogue phone users with full access to all of the value added personal productivity benefits delivered via SpliceCom's Phone Partner apps for PCs & Macs, alongside full voice integration with all the leading CRM, ERP and PIM apps, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook.

"With the immediate availability of the Intelligent Gateway Modules we continue to extend our range of powerful Flexible Edge Solutions for cloud and hybrid systems, whilst delivering on our promise of providing the systems that customers' really want," concludes Hayman.