Expanded Support For Market Leading CRM App

"Over 75% of the Navigate CRM sales we make are deployed in conjunction with Salesforce," says Stuart Bell, SpliceCom's Business Development Manager for the UK & Ireland, "with Microsoft Dynamics a distant second."

Navigate CRM allows SpliceCom customers to use their CRM system or LDAP/ODBC database to control and interact with their voice calls. The popularity of Salesforce amongst existing and prospective SpliceCom customers has prompted the British Unified Communications specialist to further enhance their support for this leading app in the recently launched Navigate CRM v2.5.

From day one Navigate CRM has provided click to dial for phone numbers appearing in Salesforce records alongside user selectable popping of records, either before or after the call is answered. In Navigate CRM v2.5 users have the choice of interacting with their phone calls via the desktop client, whilst a New Lead button appears if the caller's number can't be found in Salesforce.

In cases where a caller's number matches more than one contact, users can view the search results in the main Salesforce page and then interact by selecting the matching contact or opening a specific related artefact by clicking on the Salesforce links in the search results. When the call is completed it's now added as a Task within Salesforce with the call details provided in the Subject and any additional related fields populated where possible. So now, when searching for a phone number in Salesforce, the results show the account associated with the number, the contacts for that number, leads containing the number and the Tasks (history) associated with that number.

"Whilst Unified Communication as a whole makes the workforce more available and more responsive, the convergence of a businesses core IT applications, like CRM, with voice and other communications methods, allows existing business processes to be simplified, extended and enhanced. This accelerates workflow and improves decision-making, which in turn allows companies to build stronger relationships with their customers' and so increases customer loyalty towards the business," continues Bell.

"Although Salesforce is by far the most common CRM application we come across at the point of sale, Navigate CRM supports all the popular PIM, ERP & CRM apps, providing plenty of choice - over 20 different solutions directly ‘out-of-the-box' at the last count. It's perfectly clear to all that the intelligent interaction between CRM system and unified communication/voice platform, be that delivered in the cloud or on-premise, is now fundamental for modern business practices," concludes Bell.