Industry-Wide Cloud Voice Resilience Concerns Addressed

"What happens to my voice service if the primary IP link fails, or there are problems at the hosting centre," are two questions guaranteed to make hosted providers squirm. Many prospective customers are currently playing safe and staying with on-premise solutions once they discover these typical service shortcomings.

SpliceCom have addressed these issues by adding Resilient Failover/Fallback support to their latest PCS IP Phones, allowing service to be automatically switched to a second system should the primary no longer be reachable, whatever the reason might be. SpliceCom's common platform architecture, means that these facilities are available across all systems, no matter how they're deployed; in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid of the two.

And this isn't just for IP Phones. SpliceCom's newly released Intelligent Gateway Modules also support automatic failover, allowing resilient connectivity of legacy devices and services to be rolled out via cloud services as well. Analogue phones and legacy PBXs - using ISDN or DPNSS - can all be connected to cloud services in this manner.

"The combination of built-in resilience across our product portfolio, in combination with the inherent failover capabilities of IP delivered through SpliceCom Select's infrastructure services allows our partners to offer a wide-range of failsafe solutions to their customers', in-line with their business needs, geographical spread, size, and budget," says SpliceCom's Director of Marketing & Product Management.