Luxury Boutique Hotel Chooses SpliceCom

The Lilygate Hotel, located in Nigeria's popular & prestigious Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, is one of the country's latest luxury, boutique hotels. The hotel offers 74 rooms including 4 Executive Suites and 2 Business Suites, plus a full range of services such as conference facilities, restaurant, bar, swimming-pool, gym and free Wi-Fi.

After careful consideration and looking at several options, Lilygate settled on SpliceCom as its hotel's telephony infrastructure and is wholly driven by SpliceCom's Maximiser OS based 5100 Hard IP PBX. Complimented with an array of 5315 & 5330 phone modules distributed across multiple physical floors, SpliceCom's IP PBX powers almost 200 telephone extensions in the hotel, consisting of PCS 562 IP Phones, PCS 520 analogue phones and Panasonic bathroom phones for guest rooms, front desk and the hotel's administration offices.

The SpliceCom system integrates with the Lilygate Hotel's hotel management software - Micros Fidelio Opera ¯ to provide advanced telephony management for hotel guests and rooms. The Opera PMS application was integrated with Maximiser OS to dynamically setup a room's telephone extension with the name of a checked-in guest and automatically generate telephone bills on the guest's account. On guest checkout, Opera instructs the SpliceCom system to reset the telephone extension, close the bill on the out-going guest, and bar all out-going calls from that extension, in readiness for the next guest. In addition, the hotel's cleaning staff dial specialised service codes on the telephone extensions in guest rooms to automatically change the room status on the Micros Fidelio Opera system; "clean", "dirty", "vacant", "occupied", etc.

The Lilygate Hotel utilises SpliceCom's Vision Business Management suite to collect call information from the telephone system and then forward it to the Micros Fidelio Opera PMS to be made into customer bills. In addition Vision Mobility, a browser based phone partner application, allows hotel staff to choose exactly how and where their phone calls are handled when they're away from their desk, listen to voicemails, etc, wherever they might be in the building.

The SpliceCom system deployed in the Lilgate Hotel was supplied, installed and maintained by V2D Convergence, one of Africa's fastest growing distribution and consulting companies. V2D represents SpliceCom in Nigeria and the rest of the Africa, delivering solutions to service providers, carriers and the enterprise market.