MAP Solo reduces cost of entry to UC for smaller businesses by 35%

Building on the success of their original mid-market MultiApp Platform (MAP), launched in 2013, SpliceCom have brought the proven benefits of Unified Communications within the reach of even the smallest business with the all-new MAP Solo.

Aimed at businesses with up to 16 employees, MAP Solo is the most complete single platform communications solution available, combining;

• A single Unified Communications server supporting up to 16 users
• Highly secure voice connectivity for mobile, remote and home based employees
• Native support for Android, Apple & Windows SmartPhones, IP Deskphones & SIP trunks.
• Business Management (comprehensive reports, call recording and real-time wallboards/dashboards)
• Optional connectivity for ISDN trunks & analogue phones through SpliceCom's Intelligent Gateway Modules

"MAP Solo reduces the cost of entry to true Unified Communications for smaller businesses, by delivering the full suite of apps required to deliver a complete voice solution on a single platform," said Robin Hayman, SpliceCom's Director of Marketing & Product Management. "We're in the unique position where we can achieve this because all of our core apps are developed in-house and have been designed to run as a single unified solution. Other vendors who have acquired, re-badged or reference sell Call Recording, Call Management, Wallboards/Dashboard systems or Smartphone support require separate servers or PCs for every app."

This "designed-in" rather than "bought-in" approach to product development and technology implementation substantially reduces capital costs for resellers and end users, further reducing real total cost of ownership (TCO) for SpliceCom's customers.

MAP Solo also provides a myriad of channel benefits. Traditional voice resellers can utilise MAP Solo to ease their entry into the world of soft & virtualised computing environments, whilst still being able to sell, install and maintain a familiar "system-in-a-box" that they know and love. Those from a data or IT background already understand native operating systems, virtualisation and apps, and will appreciate the continuity of supply and ongoing support for the server platform and Linux operating system that underpins MAP Solo. And being based on SpliceCom's existing voice apps means that there are zero training requirements for existing partners.

"MAP Solo brings the proven benefits of Unified Communications within the reach of even the smallest business, by delivering a single platform solution that reduces the cost of entry of our systems by 35%. Delivery in conjunction with SpliceCom's Select Managed Service portfolio means our partners can deliver a full end-to-end solution comprising on-net SIP and managed on-net connectivity - including converged voice and data offers with managed internet breakout - all of which can all be wrapped into a SpliceCom Financial Services pay monthly plan. This allows us to offer a range of private, managed and highly featured communications solutions, which can be tailored to exactly meet the needs of smaller businesses, which in turn makes it easier for our partners' to close the sale. The launch of MAP Solo further extends SpliceCom's commitment to innovate whilst delivering un-paralleled price/performance and true competitive advantage for our broad base of channel partners and their smaller business customers alike," concludes Hayman.