New Admin Portal For Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid Voice

The immediate release of Manager Assist v4, SpliceCom's popular portal for system administrators & reseller engineers, sees the addition of Administrator Access Control and a simple configurator for adding and managing users, departments & groups. The combination provides SpliceCom customers' with a System Admin Portal through which they can manage their own everyday adds, moves and changes, eliminating the need to access the main system configuration portal. And because SpliceCom utilise a common operating system for all their products this portal is available on soft, hard and virtual platforms, across cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions.

"Those who have experience of Hosted Voice systems will be used to System Admin Portals, however, reseller feedback has always been that there's a need to tailor just how much can be accessed by their customers'; it's generally a case of not enough on one hand, or too much on the other," says Robin Hayman, SpliceCom's Director of Marketing & Product Management. "Administrator Access Control allows our partners to fine tune the levels and areas that their customers' have entry to on a case-by-case basis, whilst also delivering differentiated levels of access for specific management and administration requirements within a single customer. Making our System Admin Portal available to those utilising on-premise and hybrid systems, in addition to cloud based means that the same management flexibility can be enjoyed by all, irrespective of how they chose to deploy their SpliceCom solution," continues Hayman.

"The new features we've delivered in Manager Assist v4 are a further example of how we're putting control back in the hands of our partners - and their customers," concludes Hayman.