New App Meets Increase In Audio Conference Demand

SpliceCom has announced the immediate availability of a Voice Conference Management Portal (VCMP), making managing and administering voice conferences easy. This comes hard-on-the-heels of the dramatic increase in the deployment of voice conference services, an embedded application across SpliceCom's range of unified communication platforms, seen during 2015.

"Our embedded 'meet-me' voice conference solution allows every participant to hear and be heard effortlessly, no matter how many delegates there are," says Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at SpliceCom. "As a business tool voice conferences offer proven benefits, including improved business efficiency, better time management and the associated cost savings. In turn, this leads to quicker results, increasing both overall productivity and competitiveness."

Whilst SpiceCom solutions have delivered voice conference capabilities since day one, the set-up and management of conferences has recently simplified further still through the release of VCMP, a browser based app, which is fully integrated with SpliceCom's S8000 virtual/soft and 5100 hard voice platforms, however they might be deployed; in the cloud/data centre, on the customer's site or as a hybrid of the two.

"VCMP offers a simple front end for those responsible for administering voice conferences," continues Hayman. "This all new management portal provides great flexibility over how voice conferences and conference managers are created, who can be invited, how they are invited and how that conference is managed once it is running. And as a fully embedded SpliceCom app there's direct access to the unified system directory when inviting delegates and Vision Record when the conference needs to be recorded."

"Modern business practices benefit from regular conference calls to keep 'virtual teams' aligned, working together and up-to-date. It's been shown time and time again that access to voice conferencing creates more effective working practices, leading to reduced project timescales through increased employee productivity. The considerable cost saving and business benefits of voice conferencing have pushed it back to centre stage once more," concludes Hayman.