SpliceCom Aid Administrators

SpliceCom's latest update to the underlying voice operating system that runs across their entire range soft, hard and virtual platforms - Maximiser OS - sees the introduction of Manager Assist v3.5. The availability of this expanded toolkit for system administrators and engineers reinforces the British manufacturer's commitment to making the lives of end users and partners as easy as possible.

Manager Assist v3.5 offers eight new tools, the majority of which focus on reducing the time it takes to roll-our large, multi-site systems. "We're finding that the size of system, the number of sites each system spans and the number of 100+ user systems that we ship are all increasing," says Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at SpliceCom. "Manager Assist v3.5 simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of these systems, be they premise, cloud/hosted or hybrid based and has been warmly received by our partners and their customers' alike."

Accessed through the standard Manager web portal Manager Assist v3.5 also offers new help links on every page and a search facility on the front page to further cement its "ease-of-use" credentials.

Manager Assist v3.5 has been specifically developed by SpliceCom, in direct consultation with those responsible for administration of their systems on a daily basis - system managers and reseller engineers ¯to simplify the configuration and everyday management of SpliceCom's wide range of soft, hard and virtual IP PBXs further still.