Death Of The DECT Phone

SpliceCom’s latest version of their popular IP Softphone app for Smart Phones and Tablets, iPCS, adds further value for businesses looking for a true, next generation wireless phone.

The addition of a WiFi only setting allows an iPCS enabled device to be utilised as a fully integrated Office Mobility solution. “We’re finding great demand from businesses, both small and large, to use iPCS enabled smart phones and tablets in place of traditional DECT phones and even newer SIP/WiFi handsets,” says Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing and Product Management at SpliceCom. “iPCS provides more system features than these legacy Office Mobility phones, fits in with existing business policy by allowing calls to be recorded and smashes mobility limitations by working outside the office too, wherever 4G, 3G or public WiFi services are available. Lower costs for handsets, particularly Android models, and WiFi infrastructure are also proving attractive to businesses looking at mobility in the workplace,” states Hayman.

The British manufacturer has also provided the ability for users to switch between their personal contact directory and the centralised Maximiser OS system directory, when making calls from iPCS. “The addition of ease-of-use feature has been particularly well received in those organisations actively encouraging BYOD, as well as start-up operations, where there’s likely to be more work related contacts entered on an employees’ smart phone then the business telephone system,” continues Hayman.

"We will continue to onward develop our iPCS app to accommodate new ways of working only made possible through the unparalleled mobility and flexibility it delivers to business users. We’ve already reached the stage where some prospective SpliceCom customers are considering the use of mobile devices only, with no desktop phones at all. It’s a trend we expect to see accelerate through 2014,” concludes Hayman.