• Underlying Operating System – Linux
  • VoIP – SIP & H.323
  • System Interaction & Configuration – HTML & PHP
  • System Database – LDAP
  • Unified Messaging – SMTP & IMAP
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Integration – TAPI
  • Microsoft System Integration - Lync/OCS 2007 R2 Gateway
  • Apple Mac OS X Desktop Integration - AppleScript

In those areas where no standards exist Splicecom have developed and documented their own interfaces. These are freely available through Splicecom’s 3rd Party Development Programme to those wishing to integrate their applications or products with Maximiser OS based systems; These include;

LDAP System Database

Can be read from and written to by external applications

Call Logging

Historic Information

Hotel Interface

Provides call billing and guest/room status information and control for Hotel and PMS applications

User Status/Presence Information

PCS Partner Protocol

Allows telephony control to be embedded in external applications

Call Routing Control

Real time information and call control for Call Centre applications

Meet-Me-Conference Control Interface

Allows conference/delegate control by external applications

By designing Maximiser OS and all other system components, in-house and from scratch, Splicecom, has been able to take advantage of the latest innovations in silicon based technology to deliver up-to-the-minute advances in business telephony and customer interaction. Needless to say, Splicecom have not suffered from the design and marketing handicaps imposed on traditional PBX manufacturers, allowing them to deliver a system which is capable of unifying communications with web-enabled IT applications to deliver unique and tangible business benefits in a cost- effective manner.

Maximiser OS has been developed to provide the foundation to the most “Open” business telephone system available today. This allows its advanced benefits to be delivered to all users in a consistent and identical manner, totally independent of LAN infrastructure, telephone type, computer platform & operating system, service delivery, employee location or company size. The Maximiser OS system architecture embraces industry standard interfaces and protocols wherever they exist. These include;

Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download