Maximiser OS

The innovative architecture utilised by Splicecom’s Maximiser OS rips-up the conventional rulebook, delivering un- paralleled Total Cost of Ownership and Management - whatever the size of your business.

System Components

From a simple, small, stand alone telephone system, Maximiser OS based IP-PBXs scale seamlessly to provide a fully networked, unified communications system. There are no geographic boundaries, the same facilities are available to office based, home working, remote and mobile employees. For the first time, the ability to deploy technology for real business benefit is available to every company - irrespective of size.

The Soft PBX or Call Server lies at the core of every Maximiser OS system and for many requirements it will be the only component that’s required to deliver a modern, sophisticated business telephone system. Constructed around the most open system architecture around, each Soft PBX or Call Server supports a different number of users, but delivers a common feature set including;

  • A future proofed design which will grow with your business needs – in terms of both capacity and sophistication Support for IP, 4G/3G/GSM and analogue extensions
  • A range of mobility options that allows you to utilise existing smart phones, tablets, laptops and home telephones as fully featured extensions to your system.
  • A flexible Voice Processing system offering;
  • Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Auto Attendant
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Meet Me Conferencing
  • In-queue Announcements
  • Integral SIP Proxy Server & H.323 Gateway/ Gatekeeper for IP Trunk connectivity
  • ISDN Trunk Gateway (integral Call Servers, optional external modules for Soft PBX)
  • Built-in Apache Web Server for browser based management and configuration interface
  • LDAP system directory with external read and write access for 3rd party applications

Free Your Network

With Maximiser OS, Splicecom have brought the benefits of Advanced Business Communications within the reach of every organisation, in a consistent and identical manner whilst totally independent of:

  • Platform - Traditional hardware, industry server based or virtualised
  • Deployment – On-premise, cloud/hosted or hybrid
  • Telephone/device type
  • IT policy
  • Network service delivery
  • Company size
  • Industry type
  • Number of offices

Companies currently enjoying the business advantages provided by Splicecom’s unique approach to IP business telephony include:

  • Smaller businesses
  • Mid to large sized companies
  • Multi-Site establishments
  • Campus based organisations
  • Businesses with mobile, remote and/or homeworking employees
  • Serviced offices & multi-tenancies
  • Companies with modern communication needs

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