SIP Services

IP allows for far more cost-effective voice communication solutions as well as providing additional features that traditional ISDN services and analogue lines just can’t deliver. Whilst SIP trunks offer a modern alternative to ISDN channels, SelectServices SIP provides you with the flexibility to combine the number of SIP trunks and telephone numbers/DDI ranges to meet your exact requirements and is available for Splicecom’s cloud, on-premise and blended systems – as well as non-Splicecom systems.

Our ability to provide SIP globally is one of our key advantages. Many of our customers’ utilise SelectServices to deliver in-country SIP to their overseas offices and/or international SIP numbering to offer services on local numbers outside of the UK.

SelectServices can provide international numbers in over 100 countries, both geographic and non-geographic. Geographic numbers are available in over 75 countries, covering over 4,000 individual town and city specific numbers, whilst 0800 numbers are available in over 100 countries. Porting of existing telephone numbers is also available in 27 countries for geographic numbers.

All the numbers we provide are hosted on the SelectServices SIP network in the UK, allowing all our value added services to be provided with international numbers, including control, presentation and disaster recovery.

SelectServices’s unique SIP numbering proposition revolutionises the way our customers can present themselves, which in term enables them to be truly geographically independent.


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download