Serviced Offices

We understand that keeping your regular clients, whilst regularly attracting new ones are key to you achieving your business goals in an extremely competitive market. You’re under pressure to consistently deliver a wider range of new and innovative services to increase the value of your appeal and so differentiate yourself from your competitors.

By focusing on the needs of the Serviced Office market, the flexibility and openness of Splicecom’s Maximiser OS based business telephone systems provide you with the tools you need to meet these challenges head-on and excel in this environment. A choice of permanent, virtual and Hot Desk user operation, centralised or distributed operator services, flexible mobility and remote access options, alongside a wealth of useable real-time and historical business management information, allows you to meet your targets by offering the services you’ve always wanted to, whilst lowering your operational costs.

Splicecom's unique Flexible Licencing Programme (FLP) provides further assistance with budget management by allowing you to increase or decrease the number of users, trunks, applications, etc. deployed on your Maximiser OS based system in line with your business needs.

Features include;

  • One System deployment irrespective of single or multiple sites
  • Centralised Maximiser OS PBXs with remote end points or Network Service Gateways
  • Single Maximiser OS license structure
  • Soft, hard or virtual PBX deployment options
  • Hotdesk and Virtual User settings for Reception Services
  • Highly informative centralised or distributed Operator-Console(s) clearly displaying Tenant details
  • Flexible Mobility Solutions
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Dual Ring
  • Extension Anywhere
  • Smart Phone/Tablet integration
  • PC Softphone
  • Remote User Portal
  • Allows Users to remotely manage call profiles and settings
  • Stylish IP handset range with highly informative user interface
  • Business Management Platform
  • Centralised embedded management platform with browser access deployed specifically per customer rather than the system as a whole
  • Call Management
  • Live Wallboards and/or dashboards
  • Call Recording
  • Call Centre
  • Single Vision License structure
  • SIP or ISDN trunk connectivity
  • Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) or Operational Expenses (OPEX)/Lease Rental payment options


All Splicecom solutions are supplied, installed and maintained by a Splicecom Solutions Expert - a company specifically trained in the Serviced Offices sector.