I don't want a headset!

This Company installed a Splicecom phone system some 6 years ago which has continued to grow with their business. To improve their customer service, they chose to add Call Centre functionality to the existing system, to assess their performance, and develop this department based upon factual evidence.

The business case was simple. By far the lowest cost way to embrace industry leading Call Centre capability, the capital expenditure was minimal; adding low cost application licences to the existing system. Other huge benefits were the minimal change of operation required of the Customer Service Team and no disruption or cost by other employees having to learn a new system. The perfect business outcome.

The plan was to provide Splicecom Softphones on the Customer Service Agents PC’s to provide comprehensive call and added value capabilities. The Agents would give up their deskphones and use headsets for communication. But there was a problem.

The Customer Service Agents didn’t want to use headsets. They felt the stature of their role within the business would be compromised by other employees’ perception of a “Call Centre”. This reluctance became quite emotional.

The solution was to suggest the Agents retained their existing deskphones and simply utilise Splicecom's "Phone Partner" app, which runs on the Agent's PC and works in tandem with their phone, to provide full Call Centre functionality.

This customer’s Call Centre was fully operational in no time at all, with no impact on the rest of the business and a 6 year old asset became the new foundation for the evolution of the customer’s business.