So you want to start a Call Centre

You have developed a great business idea that requires the setting up of a Call Centre capability within the business, or as the business.

Most “Start-Up” ventures are at risk of a “slower start” than anticipated. So Splicecom help you be as successful as possible in two ways:

From a technical and applications perspective you need a system that fulfils your USP. A system that grows how and when you need it to, without bolt on devices that cause you to change the way you work. You need a system that can grow effortlessly and can be simply customised as you need it, to meet your customer’s requirements for performance information

And whether you are at your desk, in a board meeting or in front of investors, you need the ability to see both historical performance results and real time performance data, on demand.

Splicecom’s Vision Call Centre Applications running on its renowned maximiser OS telephony platforms are currently providing these facilities to companies all over the UK, from various small businesses to National Utilities, International Airlines, Financial institutions and many more, delivering your needs, as you need them.

Financially, you cannot buy a Call Centre system of equal functionality anywhere near the price of our solutions. Whether you are planning a new, multisite, Call Centre business, migrating a current in-house service to Call Centre operation or starting up a totally new venture, Splicecom’s Call Centre financial propositions are second to none.

With our own manufacturer lease/rental programme as an alternative to outright purchase, you can spread your capital costs across your early years. Paying for Agent’s facilities only as you need them gives you added ability to use your cash in the most effective ways for your business, from the outset, when every decision is critical.

In short, Splicecom provides the most tailored, feature and financial Call Centre solution at the outset of your deployment, through your business growth, and beyond.