What if my billing data disappears?

Splicecom Vision Reports for Call Centre is not a bolt on afterthought. It is an integral component of Splicecom’s Call Centre offering, collecting and distributing call information to live wallboards and compiling it into the reports requested by the business.

After Splicecom Vision Call Centre was implemented to successfully grow their Call Centre business to around 100 agents, Directors of this company became concerned about the integrity of the “billing information” held within it.

Although no loss had taken place, the Directors determined that database integrity was paramount and should be protected against any risk of loss or corruption.

Without complication, change of processes or any other inconvenience, they installed a Vision Call Centre Replication application on a separate server which received real time replicated call records and processed them exactly as the main system. The company was then able to interrogate this database knowing that nothing they could do could put at risk the integrity of the core Call information, and thus maintaining the security of their billing information.

They didn’t buy a new Server. They simply installed the application on an existing server which resides within the company’s secure server area which has enhanced back up processes.

Without losing any real time or scheduled performance data, their billing information is both replicated and backed up, at minimal cost.