Total Cost of Ownership

Popularised by Gartner Group in 1987, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) attempted to quantify the financial impact of deploying an information technology product(s) over its (the product’s) lifecycle.

While this assessment served the IT community well for many years, twenty first century businesses have recognised its shortcomings. The most relevant of these shortcomings is the focus on “the product’s lifetime” instead of the lifetime of serving the Customer’s needs.

Splicecom, along with leading company’s in other industries, have long recognised that the focus should be on “each individual Customer’s lifetime requirement” and have introduced additional parameters to reflect this more accurate value.

When the Customer’s needs are the focus, the original TCO parameters need to be augmented with the following:

System suitability to serve the changing needs of the business without significant upgrades, system swap-outs, bolt on enhancements from third party manufacturers and their resultant business disruption
System suitability to accommodate changes in service delivery options such as hosted, cloud, and the optimum, hybrid/hosted, without significant cost, operational compromises or support complications.
Supplier’s ability and commitment to providing “bespoke” capability in short order to facilitate each customers market positioning and USP developments as they change.
Supplier’s ability to enable customers to experiment with business changes, at minimal cost, before fully committing to them.

All of these parameters can have a greater influence on the Real TCO of your system than the basic TCO parameters. And in the telecommunications industry, it is Splicecom who excels in these qualities.

More than any other supplier, Splicecom provides the Lowest TCO for its customers when calculated from both the basic TCO and the Real TCO perspectives, providing customers with the maximum benefits at the lowest cost, in the short and longer term.

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