ISDN to SIP Transition

Are you using one of the 3.2 million (!) ISDN trunks that are still in every day use in the UK alone – If you are, is it because;

  • You’re happy with your existing PBX and want to continue ‘sweating your asset’ for as long as possible
  • Your existing PBX can’t support SIP trunks
  • It’s far too costly to add SIP trunk support to your existing PBX

Moving your voice calls from ISDN to SIP Services is a tried and tested way of saving money on both trunk rentals and telephone call charges and Splicecom’s ISDN to SIP Gateway, means you can start enjoy monthly costs savings right now, even when your current PBX is blocking your move to SIP. No change to your current system is required, just disconnect the trunks from your existing BT Primary Rate (ISDN 30) or Basic Rate (ISDN 2) service and connect them to Splicecom’s ISDN to SIP Gateway. We’ll also connect you to Splicecom Select SIP Services – 5,000 free minutes a month to UK landline and mobile numbers per trunk – and can provide you with a broadband service if you need it, though you can also choose to use your own.

To find out how you can START SAVING MONEY – NOW! – call Splicecom on 01923 287711 or email