SIP Trunks

All Splicecom voice platforms, be they soft, hard or virtual, support direct connectivity of SIP trunks; no intermediate devices like Session Border Controllers or media convertors are required.

Splicecom’s individual Universal Trunk Licences can be used to connect ISDN, DPNSS or SIP Trunks. This enable a business to connect ISDN trunks to their Splicecom system on the initial install and then convert one, several or all of these trunks to SIP at a later date, by just ticking a box in the browser based Manager; no additional costs, no licence exchange or trade-in required.

Splicecom’s range of voice platforms have been tested and certified with the following SIP providers;

  • Splicecom Select SIP Services
  • Clarity Telecom SIP
  • COLT
  • Gamma Telecom
  • MondoTalk
  • tIPicall
  • VanillaIP
  • Voiceflex
  • Voipfone
  • VoIP unlimited

And to perfectly compliment Splicecom’s native SIP support, Splicecom Select allows you to simply add the network infrastructure services you require to deliver a complete end-to-end Splicecom solution, in what ever way’s best for your business; on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. This includes Cloud Servers and Site Connectivity in addition to SIP Services.