Here Comes 2015

Happy 2015 y’all! This looks set to be the year when customer choice is put fairly and squarely back on the agenda. Choose what device (or devices) you want to handle your voice calls on, choose where your system lives, choose if you want to own it or lease it, choose how you want to pay for it. So after the single device and the common platform comes the flexible payment scheme – choose from Opex, Capex or pay-as-you- go.

Mobility - that’s FMC to you Grandad! - will move centre stage in 2015. Voice without mobility is like Chelsea without Mourinho – all the right ingredients, yet still somewhat lacking in ambition. We’ve been conditioned through our ever increasing use of mobile and SmartPhones over the past twenty years to be able to talk wherever we are, both in the office and out of it. When mobility is ubiquitous, why should we expect anything less from our business communications? Sure we still need to capture usage data and record calls for real time and historical Business Management analysis, but be tied to our desks when conducting a phone call? Get real!