Everyone's Got A Call Centre!

Far from getting more difficult, the positioning of both formal and informal call centre solutions to the betterment of a client’s productivity is probably simpler than it’s ever been. They just need to be aligned with your customer’s IT strategy, in exactly the same way that you should now be treating a unified communications or voice sale. If their core business apps are in the public cloud, then hosted/public cloud is the way to go. But, if they’ve chosen the private cloud route, then that’s where their informal call centre should reside. And if they’re virtualising their IT within an on-premise data centre, then the best solution is to keep the call centre on site too. Want the convenience of the cloud, with the peace-of-mind that on-premise delivers? Then hybrid is the way to go. Of course, this is only easy if you can get all these solutions from a single vendor – and all implementations work in exactly the same way (because the underlying platform is the same in all instances). This approach also provides great peace of mind for your clients by allowing simple migration of on-premise systems to the cloud (and vice versa) as and when IT strategies change.

Seasonal variations in staffing levels are also no longer problematic for our partners. We’ve applied a Flexible Licence Plan (FLP) across all our solutions – cloud, on-premise and hybrid. FLP allows SpliceCom customer’s to increase or decrease the number of agent and supervisor licences - and any other system or user licence – as business needs require, on a month-by-month basis. That means that in a purely soft environment, including native or virtual Unified Communications or voice platforms and soft IP phones for PCs laptops and smart devices, the entire system is rented on a month-by-month basis.