Think Total Mobility

If Fixed Mobile Convergence is a technology, then Mobility is a state of mind. The latter has far outgrown the premise (no pun intended) of the former; why switch your mobile call to your deskphone when you reach the office, when your smartphone is the only device you require for ALL your business calls?

Sure, calls still have to be tracked for business management statistics and recorded for compliance, but mobility doesn’t stop when you enter your office, it’s just as essential inside the building as outside.
Those VARs maximising their mobility sales aren’t the ones specialising in SmartPhones – it’s the WiFi specialists who are best placed to win the business. We’re not talking about single base stations here, it’s a well planned, managed network that’s required and from what we’re seeing at present its voice with combined Voice and WiFi skills that are taking the lion’s share of the mobility business. Because they’ve got the office mobility bit covered, the out-of-office connectivity is plain sailing.

Mobility is a key element of the Unified Communications mix, indeed, it could be argued to be the most important piece of the whole voice jigsaw at present. Win the mobility business and you’ve got the majority of the business continuity/ disaster recovery piece as well – just add the cloud, hosted or hybrid IP PBX
into the equation. The definition of FMC is now too limited. Think wider – think connectivity in and out of the office - think Total Mobility!”