We understand communications from the ground-up, not just the app-up. Our ability to deliver the very best of cloud and on-site communications, starting with the underlying voice & data network itself, allows us to perfectly align our end-to-end voice solutions with your IT strategy – whatever it might be. SelectServices simply allows you to choose as little, or as much, of the voice & data infrastructure you require to work in perfect harmony with Splicecom’s voice platforms, phones and apps.

Splicecom’s product architecture allows you to deploy a single unified system, utilising soft, hard or virtual voice platforms, either on your premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid. And Splicecom’s uniquely flexible product architecture lets you migrate easily between all three solutions as your IT strategy or business needs change, giving you access to all of the advantages of cloud based voice, including simplified connectivity, disaster recovery/business continuity and a reduction in IT resources required. So what’s missing? What else do you need if you want a total solution delivery from a single supplier?

SelectServices allows you to simply add the network infrastructure services you require to deliver a complete end-to-end Splicecom solution, in what ever way’s best for your business; on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. SelectServicess offers three complimentary services, just choose what you need.

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Cloud Servers
SIP Services


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download