What's Your Customer's IT Strategy - the security of On-Premise and the flexibility of Cloud applications?

If your Customer's IT strategy is to share or back up services between On-Premise and the Cloud then why offer a on-premise Voice or Cloud only solution? It's not right.

SpliceCom Select Cloud allows you to deliver a hybrid solution, with a combination of Cloud Voice with On-Premise Voice Gateways.
Hybrid SIP and ISDN trunking, Hybrid based reliability, Hybrid data storage and ease of management with complete peace of mind over reliability, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Complemented by our native Vision application you also add full Business Management offering Reports, Live Dashboards/Wallboards and Call Recording, all of which you control. SpliceCom Hybrid is the right solution.

Finance often dictates a purchase. With the SpliceCom Hybrid Cloud you can offer your customers either pay monthly or CAPEX payment schemes - perhaps both with a Hybrid Finance scheme.

SpliceCom is looking to expand its number of channel partners. If you want to find out more contact us today...

You can find out more about Hybrid Voice here.