What's Your Customer's IT Strategy - maintain what they have & sweat the assets?

If your Customer's IT strategy is to retain what they have for as long as they can why force them to change their Voice solution. It's not right.

With SpliceCom Select we can SIP enable your Customer's existing PBX without having to make any changes to it!

This allows you to gain SIP trunking revenue with a proposition that has a clear ROI. Why waste your staff?s time and your marketing money only to discover its too early for the customer to change, despite the savings being obvious?

Unlike traditional ISDN/SIP products SpliceCom Select allows you to deploy a Gateway than can be migrated to a full Voice Solution either Cloud based, On-Premise or a Hybrid solution. As part of the SIP to ISDN Gateway offer we provide a 'teaser' Smartphone based remote working application to allow the customer to experience the benefits of IP/SIP based Voice solutions - just in case they can be encouraged to change quicker!

SpliceCom is looking to expand its number of channel partners. If you want to find out more contact us today...

You can find out more about SIP to ISDN here.