What's Your Customers IT Strategy - not managing what they can't measure or supported by Business Management tools?

If your Customer's IT strategy is to have the appropriate management tools then avoid the complexity of multiple vendors. It's not right.

Most traditional PBX Vendors and Hosted offerings have the option to add third-party reporting tools to their Voice Solution. SpliceCom's Vision is a native, embedded Business Management and reporting suite that adds extra value to our overall Voice solution, through its integrated directory and database.

Vision offers comprehensive user reporting, embedded call recording with optional encryption, Live dashboards and wallboards with drill down statistics, supported by a simple licensing structure. Vision is easily deployed with all SpliceCom solutions, be they in the Cloud, On-Premise or a Hybrid of the two.

Finance often dictates a purchase. With the SpliceCom Vision, you can offer your customers either pay monthly or CAPEX payment schemes - perhaps both with a Hybrid Finance scheme.

SpliceCom is looking to expand its number of channel partners. If you want to find out more contact us today...

You can find out more about Business Management here.